The Wounded Rooster

Approaching God and one another with a radical concept of revealing ourselves rather than hiding; no mask, no pretense, no facade – to discover real community.

A D|U|T|C|H|E|R Life Coaching Blog


Welcome to the Wounded Rooster!
We hope as you interact with us through our blog you will come to know us as messy, honest people, who believe that even on our worst day God pursues each of us with a crazy, breathtaking love. We hope you find us as authentic, genuine and open as we traverse deep waters in this space; wrestling with everyday questions about what it means to be a spouse, a parent, a friend, and member of a community.

Interested in how we came up with our name and image? Its a great story! Read our first blog – Authentic Life Begins with Facing Your Roosters.

We would love to hear from you! What questions can we answer and what would you like to see us write about?
Our hearts were made for deep waters. (Proverbs 20:5) Dive in with us!